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The world continues changing quick thus do the streets. Each and every day, another street, extension, or underpass gets fabricated. This produces the need of knowing the specific course in order to appreciate a smooth and bother free driving experience. Thinking about this, Navman gives significant GPS gadgets that are worked with breathtaking innovation and highlights. These gadgets are intended to explore you to the objective as well as to make your excursion charming and significant. For utilizing these component rich gadgets, you are prescribed to refresh the guides each time they are dispatched.



  • Uninterrupted network connectivity

Fast, solid, and continuous organization network is an absolute necessity to have prerequisites for playing out the Navman Update measure. Ensure you utilize a private organization for the security of your information.

  •         Computing Device

Navman Map updates can be performed on a processing gadget in particular. You should approach one. Likewise, ensure you have signed into the framework as an administrator for a smooth updation measure.

  •        Navman GPS device

You should have a Navman gadget with you. On the off chance that you have bought another gadget, at that point you should get it enrolled before you begin the updation cycle. Additionally, play out the essential arrangement of your gadget already.

  •     Undamaged USB cable

To refresh your Navman GPS gadget with the most recent guides, you need to shape an association between the PC framework and gadget. For this, you should approach a USB link, which will fill in as a scaffold. Ensure you utilize the link that is furnished with the item. Additionally, check the link and its ports and guarantee that it isn't harmed in any way.

  •      Navdesk application

nav is a crucial apparatus for introducing the Navman update that is accessible. It gives a simple to-utilize interface and makes the cycle easier. Consequently, download and introduce the product on your framework before the cycle. You can discover the download connect on the authority site of Navman. In the event that, you as of now have the application introduced, at that point update it to the most recent rendition.

  • Purchased and Download Map    Update

On the off chance that you are selecting to refresh the global guides on your gadget, at that point you need to make a buy. You can purchase the most recent guides from the authority site of Navman. Cautiously pick the district for which you need to buy the guide and pay for it. In the wake of buying, you likewise need to download it on your framework.




It is critical to stay up with the latest so you can work the gadget in a faultless manner. Refreshing the guides will guarantee simple route, makes you a certain driver, furnishes the correct course with midways subtleties, and the sky is the limit from there. For the most part, the guide refreshes are little and don't take a lot of time. The cycle can be finished easily.

These updates are delivered a few times in a year. A portion of the updates are accessible free of charge. You can consequently download and introduce the free reports on your GPS gadget. Notwithstanding, another sort of update for example Global Navman Update is needed to be bought. The inside and out method for introducing both the updates are expressed beneath.


Free Map Updates:

  1. Attaching the Navman unit to the pc machine is that the very initiative of the update process. you would like a USB cable for this. Take the cable and fix its end to the sat nav device and computing system .

  2. The device will now activate by itself. await the connection logo to return abreast of your screen.

  3. Now, move to your computer and launch the NavDesk application. To do so, click the icon of the software from your desktop or the system tray.

  4. Before you step ahead, you would possibly get a popup box stating “Backup Reminder”. you're advisable for backing up the info before the Navman Update process. Choose the acceptable option as per the wants .

  5. In the main interface of the appliance , lookup for the “New Update” tab. this feature are often found on the upper-right corner of the NavDesk application.

  6. The list of all the available free maps will happen on your screen. along side the name of the maps, you'll get a couple of details too. Examine them and choose the one that you simply want to put in .

  7. Once you're through with the choice , click the “Download” tab which is positioned beside the chosen map.

  8. The download process will start immediately after clicking the tab. the method for download will take a few of minutes or more.

  9. You are recommended to attend patiently without flipping the screens or shutting down the system.

  10. On its completion, the successful message will inherit sight. Tap “Ok” from the popup box.

  11. You can perform the precise same process for downloading the more Navman updates that are available.

  12. Once you're done, you'll click the “Close” icon and are available out of the wizard.

  13. Finally, begin the USB cable and disconnect the devices. this may conclude the Navman update process successfully and make the newest map available to you.


Paid Navman Update:

  1. For beginning the Navman update process, you've got to attach your GPS device to your system using the USB cable. The larger end of the cable gets fixed within the computer port and therefore the other smaller end gets fixed within the GPS device.

  2. As soon because the connection gets established, you've got to power on your device. Generally, it happens automatically. However, if it doesn’t, then tap the facility button and turn on your device.

  3. After that, run the NavDesk application that you simply have downloaded and installed.

  4. Once the appliance is launched, lookup for the “Updates” option which is positioned on the upper left-hand corner. this may commence the look for the Navman updates that are currently available.

  5. Next to the present , click “Manage” followed by choosing the “Content” option.

  6. The Map Management window will now happen . Here, you've got to settle on the “Browse” tab and look for your purchased map in your system.

  7. Once you get the map, click “Open” to feature it to the list and further tap “Open” again.

  8. Afterwards, to urge the map installed and to use it, you've got to tap “Unlock”.

  9. Doing so, the window for entering the Unlock key will prompt on your screen. you'll locate the key within the confirmation mail that Navman has sent to you on the completion of a successful purchase. Cautiously invade the key within the boxes appearing on your screen.

  10. Move ahead by hitting the “Continue” tab. this may prompt the activation completed message on your screen.

  11. Thereafter, tap the “Open” button which is found beside the added map.

  12. Then, check out the section with various regions. From here, tick marks the checkbox of the region that you would like to update your maps. After tick marking, click “Remove” and ensure it. this may move the chosen region to the opposite side.

  13. Now, tick mark it again and hit “Install”.

  14. The installation process will now begin . the method will take quite a moment . So, wait until it gets completed. you'll get the notification via the popup box on the completion of the method .

  15. You can now close the Navdesk application by clicking the cross icon.

  16. To conclude the method , remove the connected cable both from your computing system and Navman device. Lastly, restart your device, and you're done.




Encountering the problems while updating the Navman Maps is sort of common. These issues are often within the sort of a mistake message or device stops working alternatively . Ignoring the difficulty behind the error, it becomes vital to urge obviate it. to supply you a singular and pleasant experience, we are providing the methods which will assist you in fixing the error. Following are a couple of universal troubleshooting tips which will eradicate any of the Navman Update errors.

  • NavDesk Application

NavDesk is that the software that permits the users to manage and update their devices. For eradicating the error messages or other Navman update issues, you'll try upgrading the Navdesk software to the newest version available. just in case the error persists, then you'll also choose reinstalling the software. For reinstallation, you've got to get rid of the installed software from your system and install it again.

  • Network Connection

Internet connection is one among the elemental requirements for the Navman update process. you would like to possess high-speed network connectivity throughout the method . just in case of error message prompting on your screen, you'll try fixing the network connection. you initially need to make sure that you're employing a private and secure network connection. Then, bring the router closer to your device. just in case you're still getting the updation issues, then try rebooting the web router.

  • Computer System Settings

Modifying the pc settings may additionally assist you in eradicating the Navman update page issues and provide you with the graceful experience. First of all, you've got to see and confirm that your computer is compatible with the Navdesk application. It must fulfil all the wants so on make the method error-free. you'll also try disabling the firewall on a short lived basis or try updating the proxy settings from your computing system.

  • Navman Device

Working on the Navman GPS device may additionally assist you in resolving the updates issues. to start with, check the Navman device connectivity together with your computing system . The cable used for the method must be undamaged and will be fixed properly. With this, you'll also try adding the memory card to your device. this is often needed to extend the storage capacity of your device.

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